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TLFC-32(The Black Guy Who Tips): What if Slaves and Clowns Had a Party?


We talked to ROD and KAREN from THE BLACK GUY WHO TIPS podcast about all manner of issues, both pertinent and ancillary. The highlights included Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Education Failures, Party Culture, Black God vs. White God, Football “Bullying”, Dolphin Ass Dolphin’s Players (TM Elon James White), Hostile Work Environments and Living The Premium Lifestyle. They pretty much laid the egg this Chicken hatched from so thanks and love as always to them. FRACTION & FRESH KILS provided the song with ANOTHER ONE FORGOTTEN from the album EXTRA SCIENCE. Thanks to Chonilladotcom. Love from Hali to Miami.

  • ROD and KAREN
  • Historically Black Colleges and Universities
  • Education Failures
  • Party Culture
  • Black God vs. White God
  • Living The Premium Lifestyle
  • Football “Bullying”
  • Hostile Work Environments