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TLFC-40: (@Rashanii) Some People Aren’t Going To Appreciate It, But I’ve Got A Really Big D*#k


Rashanii¬†joined Chill and I while hiding in his laundry room to avoid his gigantic family. Kind of like he wishes he could have back when he was locked in a room with a pile of cousins. We talked about Family Parties, Appropriation Of Political Positions, Our Favorite Childhood Toys, The Greatest New Term Describing The…


TLFC-28(Lost Episode 2): Humourless With A Big D**k


This one is from the archive (recorded June 15, 2013) and contains the first Ebonic Colonic we ever recorded. I’m not sure if that’s a selling point, now that I think about it. We talked about Kijiji murders, the day I could have killed myself and 7 other electricians, “What choo talkin’ ’bout Ellis?” and…