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TLFC-38 (@DaKcStork):The First Thing About The All Negro Meeting Is – You Don’t Talk About The F*%king All Negro Meeting


@DaKcStork joined me for this episode. We discussed Nursing School, Podcasting Changing The World, Being Inspired By Nurses, His Relationships and Kids, His Tours of Duty In Iraq, The Perils of Medicine, The Limitations of Machines, His Experience in The Fort Hood Shooting, Gay Marriage, Being a Father, Being a Father of Girls, Hunting, Remembering…

TLFC-37 (Chemda): I Feel Like I’m Your Ni@#er Chemda


CHEMDA from the Keith And The Girl podcast joined us (that’s right, she’s BACK!) and showed us how its done. We covered Podcasting Partnerless, Strap-On The Snowman, “Candyland” Orgasms, Why Keith Might Not Want To Do The Show, Sex After Getting Engaged, Chill Got Engaged!, Adulthood Sucks, Hippy Chill, Chemda Food, Soft-Ass Jew Food, When…

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TLFC-36 (Rashanii): I’m The Well Shaved, Always Washed A$$#ole


RASHANII joined me for a great conversation without Chill: sorry folks, the Vagcation continues. We talked about Being a Kid in the Snow, Doo-Doo Down the Leg, Catch a Tigger by the Toe? Really?, Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood, Hanging out on the Bottom of the Pay Scale, So Many Jobs So Many Kids,…

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TLFC-35 (Fresh Kils & Jesse Dangerously): I Was Super Good, I Was Sh!*#ing Real Nice


FRESH KILS & RAP LEGEND JESSE DANGEROUSLY joined me for part three in the Chill out series. Chill less series? Whatever, Chill is still off getting it in. We talked as Jesse walked home through a cold Ottawa night and despite my exhaustion they killed it. We discussed Touring, Being the Smartestest Canadian in America,…


TLFC-34 (Don Barris & Maryjane): You Start Out With a C*#k Question, You End With A C*#k Question


This episode is part 2 in my lonely trek across the desolate and forlorn wasteland that is my quivering, pasty white soul without my Chill. Really I got to interview a hero of mine who I still can’t believe took the time out for us. DON BARRIS and MARY JANE GREEN joined me from a…