TLFC-43(@UltraDolo, @Keithfromdallas) Greatest Trick The Devil Pulled Was To Convince The World Jesus Wasn’t Black


We were joined by ULTRA DOLO and KEITH FROM DALLAS for a rousing romp through podcast land.  We talked about Black Jesus, Gary Coleman vs Gary Oleman, White Porn Sucks, Video Game Warriors Blaming Women for Their Own Ugliness and Me Getting Out on The Road To Make That Money. D’SISIVE provided the track JUST…

TLFC-36 pic

TLFC-36 (Rashanii): I’m The Well Shaved, Always Washed A$$#ole


RASHANII joined me for a great conversation without Chill: sorry folks, the Vagcation continues. We talked about Being a Kid in the Snow, Doo-Doo Down the Leg, Catch a Tigger by the Toe? Really?, Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood, Hanging out on the Bottom of the Pay Scale, So Many Jobs So Many Kids,…