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TLFC-43(@UltraDolo, @Keithfromdallas) Greatest Trick The Devil Pulled Was To Convince The World Jesus Wasn’t Black


We were joined by ULTRA DOLO and KEITH FROM DALLAS for a rousing romp through podcast land.  We talked about Black Jesus, Gary Coleman vs Gary Oleman, White Porn Sucks, Video Game Warriors Blaming Women for Their Own Ugliness and Me Getting Out on The Road To Make That Money. D’SISIVE provided the track JUST…

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TLFC-39(@UltraDolo)-You Should Never Put Texas Pete on a Vag!#a


In this episode ULTRA DOLO joined us to discuss Their Upcoming Marriage, The Proposal, Lesbians Discussing Dick, The Lesbian-Straight Man Alliance, The Meaning of Ratchet, The Hotsauciest Vagina Ever, Scotch Bonnets, Snow Wussiness, Fuckfest 2014, Scrotal Vigilantism, Finding Work, Books That Irritate, Black Folks Telling Black History, The History of Sex, Farewell Squishy The Cat…

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TLFC-30(Ultra Dolo): WHERE MY N!&&@S IS AT???


ULTRA DOLO joined the show to discuss the Chicken’s first birthday, gunpoint apologies for white evil, my corny hallowe’en history moment and the magic of electricity. We endured the Caucasian Contamination and Infestation Celebration part 2: The Bathroom Banana Bandit and an Ebonic Colonic as well. D’SISIVE provided the track THE NIGHT MY BABY DIED(WITH…

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TLFC 23(Ultra Dolo): I’d have had that lady in her naked apartment with a telephone


GUEST: ULTRA DOLO @ULTRADOLO In this episode Chill, Ultra and I discussed evil white men throughout history, light skinned class issues and crazy people, myself included. Enjoy! Thanks to Chonilla and love from Hali to Miami.. Thanks a million to the Chonilla Network. Love from Hali to Miami. This show is brought to you by Peter Diamond…